Making Music, Making Enemies

by Ends Meet

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Fast riffs, melodic vocals, blistering drums and a thrashy edge define "Making Music, Making Enemies" - the debut EP of US-based punk duo Ends Meet. With equal parts aggression and optimism, Ends Meet fuses elements of classic punk, melodic hardcore and thrash with 90's-style skate punk and a modern take on the DIY ethos.

These songs are a reflection of the band members life stories: a culmination of over two decades of friendship, loss, good times, heartbreak, redemption and an undying appreciation for punk rock and independent music. True to the punk rock spirit of DIY, "Making Music, Making Enemies" was recorded over the course of a year in basements, garages, spare rooms, empty parking structures, forgotten side streets and abandoned lots in New Jersey & California.

Everything on this album - from music to artwork - was done 100% DIY by Ends Meet because if you want it done right you have to do it yourself.


released October 14, 2016

Ends Meet is:
Casey Eastmond - Drums, bass & backing vocals
Michael Janiak - Guitars, lead & backing vocals

Lead guitars, rhythm guitars and vocals were recorded and engineered by Michael. Drums, bass and backing vocals were recorded and engineered by Casey.

All music and lyrics written by Casey and Michael. Mixed and mastered By Casey at East Sound Studios. Album design by Michael.



all rights reserved


Ends Meet

With equal parts aggression and optimism, Ends Meet fuses elements of 90's melodic skatepunk, hardcore and thrash with classic punk and a fresh take on DIY music.

We call it modern punk for modern times.

Thanks for giving us a listen.
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Track Name: Spatial Differences
You stood beside me I had everything I need
You walked away you wouldn’t let me speak the words i need to say
Broke down but lived to see the day
But there’s too much to leave unsaid

You wanted everything I had
And I promised I would give it all away
You wanted more than I could give
Now I’ve got something I want to say to you

It’s dark I’m alone haven’t figured it out
The anger the sadness the fear and the doubt
Try and fail repeat wipe the dirt off and then
Jump in head first start again cleanse the mind and repent

Spatial differences
They’re too much
Where do we go now?
Track Name: Toxic Overpass
I can’t take this drive anymore
I try so hard but when I walk
I walk right through the door
Well I shake, shake, shake with a little anger
Try, and I try to get over it
When I drive, when I drive in the other direction
I’m at the edge

I wait
Until I find
A way
I come back but
I’m late
Over that pass again I’m lost inside the haze
I try
To get back as
I wait
I come back but
I’m late
That toxic overpass I lose control

When I go, go, go
Reaching for a direction
Try and I try to get over it
But I just can’t see a way
Away from all this distance

I reconcile what I can’t believe in
I think about it but I can’t let go
I think about it but I don’t repeat it
Falling on my sword
To make it home, to carry on
I think about it but I won’t repeat it
This drive is driving me away
This drive is tearing us apart

I wait
Until I find a way
I come back but
I’m late
Over that pass again I’m lost inside it
I try to get back as I
I get lost as I go
One thing I need the most is
Help from you to make it home
Track Name: Black Terrain
Here we go again
You know we're waiting for an answer
We've seen the lines, we've seen the lies
It's gone too far

Contemplate your last decision

Is it your everything?
And how much can you take?

Give it back
Painted black
Promise me that you won't go too far

A look back on a lifetime
Of the things you'll never see
Demarcations on the years
The things that you will never be

Signals missed and lost in time

Is this perfection?
Or is it just the end?

Give it back
Painted black
Promise me that you won't go too far
Those signals missed and lost in time
You told me everything is alright

This could be the night it goes too far
Track Name: So Proud Of Your Failure
Snap judgment, color me
Walk onward, you're not free
Held back by circumstances
On and on it goes

Inscription, set in stone
Insipid, set the tone
Control through coded language
On and on it goes - for what?

You see it everywhere
So proud of your failure

Smug faces walking through the halls
Tall statues garnering applause
Content relegation
On and on it goes

Day in, day out, work and compete
They grind you down, mission complete
Done and left with nothing
On and on it goes - so what?

Did you ever think of leaving it for something else?

Hold on as you go on
And that feeling melts away
Separate yourself from everything
Until you disengage
This is all I know
This is all I see
This is all I hear
This is all we'll ever be
(You failed, you failed, you failed again - you lied to us)

We could be the next to stall
We're next in line to lose it all

As you get set up for the fall

The hurt, the lie, the numbing pain
Your hands played right into their game
Hollowed out of existence
On and on it goes

Pushed out, pushed back until you break
You go dark as they celebrate
Broken and defeated
On and on it goes
Track Name: Systems
Wishful thinking
It always gets the best things every time
Twisting everything done wrong
Until it seems just seems right

Watch it take over and
Know it's not worth knowing what we know
And just let it go

It's time to find out what it means to grow
We see it, feel it, we don't want to know
We take it all in stride until we lose it all
It's in the words we use as weapons on each other

Just one moment could have meant the difference
Between right now and where we are

But I don't find it hard to see
Innocence masked by misery
Where would we be

I'll feel it all again until I die
Your voice inside my head, your face at night
We take it all until there's nothing left to take
It's in the labels that we put upon each other's lives

Forever....we put them on forever

Changing hearts and changing minds
That story's getting old

It's the things that we defend
And the systems that we live in

You can ask what we've become but
I don't know what
We've become
Or where it goes from here

Don’t leave me alone
In the systems that we live in
'Cause if the system fails I might break down
And lose what’s left of me, and I’ve got no way home
So for now I’ll take a seat and rest my weary head
From these systems of control
Don’t Leave me